Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend with Sarah

A few weekends ago my middle sister, Sarah, came for a visit! Her husband was out of town for the week so she decided to come see us for the weekend.. and we're glad she did!

On Friday night we ate some supper (turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, & veggies), visited, then Sarah and I watched Father of the Bride and ate some ice cream - yum!

On Saturday we got up and enjoyed donuts (courtesy of sweet Daniel's trip to Publix), got ready, and headed out to do some bham exploring. We ate lunch at The Boot Pub in the Preserve and it was delicious. Here are some pictures from lunch:
Sarah & I outside of The Boot

After lunch we headed over to Kohls to look at baby stuff!! So fun! At this point Sarah didn't know for sure if they were having a boy or girl so we didn't buy any gender specific clothing, but we had lots of fun looking around. Everything is just SO cute! I bought a white fuzzy sleep sack for the baby (gender neutral) so I was glad to finally get to buy something for my wittle nephew! Once we had thoroughly explored all of the baby section we checked out the jewelry and Sarah was able to find a Christmas gift for *someone* on her list. 

We thought we might hit up a few different stores, but after exploring Kohls we were pretty wiped out. We stopped by the library (my favorite place! haha!) and got a Modern Family DVD to watch that night, then we headed home. The weather that weekend had finally started to cool off and the crisp fall air was delicious! When we got home we left the front door open so that we could enjoy the cooler temperature and the feel of that fall air. That worked out well because we also decided to paint our nails... :) 

Rimmel London Mintilicious

Since Daniel and I moved we opted not to get cable. This really hasn't been an issue because we don't watch a lot of network TV (we just use Netflix or DVD's from the library). The only show I miss seeing live is 19 Kids & Counting! So my sweet parents have been recording the episodes for me and mailing them to me- how thoughtful is that? I had a couple of episodes that I hadn't watched yet (and Sarah is a fan of the show, too) so we watched that while we painted our nails (in the color shown above). It's funny how the simplest moments can mean so much, because I have to say that sitting on the living room floor, watching TV, and painting my nails with Sarah was one of my favorite parts of the whole weekend!

On Sunday we went to church, stayed for fellowship for awhile afterwards, then headed to Zaxby's! :) That is one of Sarah's favorite places to eat (and hey, I don't hate it either!) and she picked that as where she'd like to go while she was in town since she doesn't get to eat there very often! After lunch we headed home to pack up and Sarah had to hit the road.

We had such a fun time with you, Sarah! Come visit again soon!

Now, who wants to visit next?