Friday, September 26, 2014

Roopville Homecoming Festival

Last weekend Daniel and I had the fun opportunity to visit the Logan side of the family and attend the Roopville Homecoming Festival. This is a yearly event and is always so much fun! The first time I ever visited Daniel's family (when we first started dating) was the weekend of the festival so it holds a special place in my heart. Roopville is a small, friendly town and this yearly event is always tons of fun. 

The town itself is just the epitome of Americana - it feels like you're going back in time or visiting a fictional location (like Mitford or Stars Hollow). Speaking of Stars Hollow, are there any other Gilmore Girls fans out there? Whenever we're in Roopville I always feel like I might bump into Taylor or Babette. I especially felt this way this year when I saw this car parked in front of Aunt Cathy's house:
Lorelai? Did you come for a visit?
The festival begins with a parade (which I'm afraid we usually miss because we get there too late! haha!) and then after that you can explore booths that line the street, visit the petting zoo/pony rides, or get some yummy food. This year Daniel got a cool wooden bowl and I bought a homemade candle. It is called "Autumn Leaves" and it kind of reminds me of the way Christmas trees smell. So, needless to say I love it! :) 
We made sure to stop by my favorite vendor - the one that sells kettle korn popcorn and fried Oreos! The kettle korn is seriously the best I've ever tasted (much better than the kind you find in grocery stores) and the fried Oreos are hard to describe.. they are unbelievable! The vendor sells the Oreos in a little dish of 4 so we only buy one and share them with anyone who wants one (you really can't eat more than one!). Here is mine mid-bite:
We also bought BBQ from another vendor and had some cream soda for lunch. Can you say, "sugar rush"? :) After we ate we did some more walking around and visiting with family and some of the family friends who live in town. Then later in the afternoon this goodness happened:
Dad Logan and Aunt Cathy made some homemade peach ice cream - yum! Even Diogi had a bowl and she l o v e d it! :) After eating so much goodness all day, we enjoyed an afternoon/evening of talking and laughter with the family on the front porch.

Family pictures in front of Aunt Cathy's house :)

The magical town of Roopville even has a mini "library" where you can take a book & leave a book.

Me & Daniel enjoying the day :)

The Petting Zoo which included a kangaroo, tortoise, and a piglet!

Well, I hope you enjoyed following along on our day in Roopville! We had a great time and can't wait to go back next year! 

Happy Friday!

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