Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What do you do when the time changes?

As much as I (Laura) like to consider myself a go-with-the-flow type of person, I also know that in order to keep myself in line and ever get things done I have to have some sort of a daily routine/schedule. One part of my usual day was to go walking outside after work before I headed home. Well, since the recent time change it is pitch black after work and the trail I used to walk on did not have lights. No bueno. Since then I have started going to the school gym (the gym is not my favorite, but it will do), but that first week after the time change I just felt completely off.

I decided that I needed a project to get me through the first week after the time change. The victim of my self-prescribed craft therapy? Our dining room table and chairs. Now, there was nothing wrong with the table and chairs by any means, but I just thought it might be fun to spruce them up a bit.

I primed the table and chairs, but left the table top as is because the wood is so pretty. I had planned to paint them all yellow (with leftover paint I used on some other furniture projects), but after using the primer I found that I really liked that color on the table. I left that one as is, but spray painted the chairs an antique white.

After completing the painting project I thought it might be nice to have a new tablecloth so I went out in search of some material to sew a tablecloth. I had planned to go to JoAnn's after work one day, but while I was walking through Dollar General one afternoon I saw a super cute curtain and decided to use that material. I then cut up the curtain to sew a tablecloth (a la Maria Von Trapp).

So here is the final product of my time change project:
 Look out coffee table... I've heard the week after Christmas can be a doozy... ;)

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