Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cheers to the (belated) Birthday Girl!

Happy Thursday! I hope you have all been doing well! I had intended to write a special post two Friday's ago in honor of my sister Karen's birthday, but time got away from me...

So, I'd like to say a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet oldest sis, Karen! You are an amazing big sister to Sarah & I and we love you so much. I pray that this next year will be your best yet!
I love this picture. On the right is my gorgeous sister, Karen, and the left is my BFF, Demy
Sarah & Karen

Me & Karen
The 3 Sistateers at the Clower wedding in '08
The 3 Sistateers at the Logan wedding in '10
If you couldn't tell, I love my 2 sisters very much. I am so grateful that God allowed us to have one another to grow up with! I'm also grateful for the wonderful upbringing we were blessed with by our parents. I know it wasn't always easy for them, but I'm thankful for all of the hard decisions they made, the sacrifices, and most of all the love they shared with us.

Happy belated birthday, my sweet sister Karen!!

Laura xoxo

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