Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 Academy Awards

I love Oscar season! Back in high school our drama club would have an Oscar party where we would all dress up like we were going to the Oscars (or as close we could get - aka: Prom Dresses). My best friend, Demy, and her family were so generous and would host the parties (which were always awesome! No surprise there- they are wonderful party planners), and we would all watch the Oscars together. So much fun!
Demy & I at the Oscar Party our senior year (we were doing the Mary Kate & Ashley pose)

Some of us at one of the Oscar parties (this picture still cracks me up)
Demy & I doing the Mary Kate and Ashley pose at the Oscar Party our junior year
I have such fond memories of celebrating the Academy Award season with my best friends in high school. Some years I find that I either didn't care for a lot of the movies that were nominated or I didn't have a chance to watch many of them. This year I still haven't watched all of the movies that have been nominated, but I have seen quite a few. So I am pretty pumped to watch the Oscars this go around. With that in mind, here is an Oscar prediction ballot (courtesy of moviefone):
Print it out, take a guess, and let me know how you do! I plan to do the same. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to tune into the 2013 Academy Awards on Sunday night!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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