Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Holiday Greetings!

So, I am incredibly late in posting this (better late than never, right??), but I wanted to share some pictures and memories from our 2012 Holiday Season!

We began the season by traveling to Troy for Thanksgiving. We were so thankful for the long visit we got to have there with Dad, Mom, my sisters, brother in law, and Meemaw. It was such a special few days together. As you can see from the picture below we did a lot of eating! It was so good!

Our delicious Thanksgiving feast at Mom & Dad's house
On one of our last days there we went to see the new James Bond movie, "Skyfall". I found out that this was Meemaw's first James Bond movie!

We were sad to leave, but took comfort in the fact that we'd all be seeing each other again soon for Christmas.
Daniel enjoying reading with Gracie on Mom & Dad's porch

Daniel survived his finals and came out of the semester with all A's! I was one proud wife. He is such a disciplined person and I couldn't be more proud of him. Amidst his finals and papers he took a break to take me on a Christmas Tree date! We went out to eat at a place called Newk's and enjoyed a yummy supper, then we headed over to where the Boy Scouts were selling Christmas trees.

 It was a lot of fun to look through the trees and pick out which one we wanted. The Boy Scouts were so cute and were trying so hard to be "big boys" by carrying our tree around for us. It was pretty adorable.

Selection of trees

Boy Scout Tree Sale

After we found just the right tree we took it home and enjoyed having a real tree fill our apartment with that wonderful tree smell during the Christmas season. Here was our final product:
Our 3rd Logan Christmas Tree
The Nativity
The Night Before Christmas (one of my favorite Christmas traditions!)
Some yummy scents to warm up our apartment

We also had an Advent Tree this year which was special. During college I bought a purple tree to have in my room and as it worked out that was kind of perfect for our Advent Tree. My sweet Mom cross-stitched several Advent themed ornaments for us to add to our own Advent Tree. I wasn't sure how it would work with my old purple tree, but as Daniel pointed out purple was just the right color for Advent! So, thanks again, Mom! :)
Our Advent Tree

Close up of the ornaments
Just a few weeks later it was time to celebrate Christ's birth! We traveled to LaGrange first to visit with the Logan side of the family. It was a great visit, but we definitely missed Andrew! During one of the days we were there we drove to visit Aunt Cathy. Going to Aunt Cathy's house is like a little slice of heaven. She lives in the Logan family home and has done such a wonderful job of keeping the family memory alive in her preciously decorated home. Her house is perfectly nestled in a tiny little town and it really feels like you're going into a story book or something when you visit there.
View through the front window
Aunt Cathy also has a sweet dog named Diogi (D-O-G). If you know me you know I'm a huge dog fan so I always enjoy getting to keep company with a sweet pup.
Sweet Diogi trying to take a nap
Diogi and I holding hands :)
Aunt Cathy & Diogi

We had a great meal, enjoyed visiting, took a walk around town, then watched "The Polar Express" together. One cool thing Aunt Cathy showed us were these neat figures she got while she was overseas awhile back. You light incense (I believe) and it caused the figures to look like they have smoke coming out of their mouths (see below). They were so cute!

And here is one last picture from Aunt Cathy's house to show you just how magical it is:
Told ya.

So after our wonderful time with the Logan side of the family we drove to Troy to see the Butler side of the family. It was a short, but truly sweet time together. We arrived on time to go to the Christmas Eve service with the family, then returned home to make Christmas cookies and have a visit together.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

On Christmas morning we got up and Sarah & Chase drove over to spend the day with us, too. We had so much fun giving each other gifts, listening to Christmas music, and celebrating the birth of Christ. 

We had quite a few laughs at the expense of the poor pups, Buddy and Gracie.
My darling Buddy

I love this picture of Gracie- caught her mid blink!
For the first time in his life Buddy complied with wearing a jacket of some sort and looked awfully cute in his Christmas sweater. I guess in his old age his isn't as concerned with fashion as he is with warmth and actually kept his sweater on for most of the visit. Gracie got a rain jacket (just for fun), but it actually came in handy when it was raining on Christmas night. She normally won't go outside when it rains, but once her hood was up she went along with it. Hilarious!

After such a fun Christmas we reluctantly headed back to the real world to get back to work and other commitments. We are so blessed! I thank God for our precious family, sweet friends, and most importantly the gift of our salvation which is found in Christ. What a special season!

So grateful for all of our sweet friends & family who sent us Christmas cards! We loved having them up.

Can't wait for the next holiday season, but first cheers to a Happy 2013!

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