Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Date Day!

2013 has brought with it some really strange weather in our part of the country! We've had warm days, cold days, threats of tornadoes, a snow day.. you name it! So on one warm weekend we decided to make the most of the unseasonably mild weather and enjoy a day outside.

After visiting the Moss Rock Preserve the last time the Logan's visited we have been wanting to go back. We put on some walking gear and headed to the preserve. We noticed when we were there last time that there was a cute little pub in the preserve area so we stopped there for lunch first before beginning our walk.
The Boot Pub

Post lunch/Pre hike :)
After enjoyed a delicious lunch we headed out to take a little hike/walk through the preserve. The weather was just perfect! It wasn't too hot or cold, and there was a nice cloud cover that kept the sun from heating things up too much.
Here is a view of some of the things we saw along our hike:

Here are some of us:

And here are some of my brave cutie:

We had such a fun date day together getting to enjoy each other's company and the great outdoors!

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