Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I came across this challenge on another blog and I'm not sure that I'll be able to devote time to post about one of these every day, but I thought it might be a fun challenge for February.

Today's challenge is Simplicity (as it relates to honoring why you are dedicated to your health). Well, today's act of simplicity for me has to be my plans for eating healthy this evening. My sweet Daniel is going to help at the Brother Bryan ministry tonight so I'll be on my own for a bit. I've reserved a copy of Bringing Up Baby to watch and I've got some rotisserie chicken, green beans, and a honey biscuit with my name on it. I've found that keeping a weekly meal menu (something I learned from my mom) really helps me stay on track for cooking meals every night. I also know that if a recipe involves too many ingredients (or obscure/hard to find ingredients) I'm probably not going to make it. Simplicity and organization are key for me, personally, to stay on track with not only cooking, but also for eating right.
Do you have any tips on living/eating simply?

Happy Wednesday!


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