Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Just wanted to share some pictures of a few things we've been up to recently. :)

A few weeks ago we headed to LaGrange for a visit since Andrew was able to come home. We really missed getting to see him at Christmas so this was a special weekend getting to all be together. We got up on Saturday and drove to the Fox Theater in Atlanta to go watch the Blue Men Group perform. It was so much fun! I (jokingly) said that we needed to dress up as the Bluth family to attend the event (anyone? anyone?). The Blue Man Group did a great job and were fantastic entertainers. It was just a nice show to go to with the whole family.
Super blurry picture of the inside of the Fox Theater.. you're not supposed to take pictures so I didn't want to use a flash..
I missed the memo..

Getting ready to leave ATL

After the show we headed back to LaGrange. Jacob and Taylor made Paula Dean's Gorilla Bread and it was ah-maz-ing. I think between the whole group we ate it all in one evening. It was that good.
Taylor & Jacob assembling the Gorilla Bread (those cuties)
Some of the Gorilla Bread ingredients
Daniel serenading us during the baking :)
Back in Birmingham a few weeks later we were invited to attend a house show for the band Carolina Story. They were fantastic! They were both super sweet and spent the whole evening interacting with all those in attendance. Their performance was excellent - I was so impressed at how good they were live (an excellent indicator of how good a performer really is!) and their kindness and openness was so lovely. We felt right at home around them!
The Logans with Carolina Story

These were super blurry because I didn't want to be rude and use a flash since we were sitting so close! haha!
Bottle labels with their lyrics on them

The host of the show is a graphic designer and made this awesome poster and personalized bottle labels (see above)
And most recently we had a fun get together with our friends, May & Fan. They are so much fun to be around. We went to the Olive Garden and they were very open to trying the new cuisine. They liked it! Added proof that the Olive Garden is awesome. :)
Daniel, Laura, May, & Fan
We've had a great 2013 so far! Can't wait for more fun memories to come!

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