Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all having a good week thus far! Daniel and I had a wonderful President's Day weekend with my parents. We were sad to see them leave yesterday. I'll write another post soon sharing some of the highlights of our trip.

As a random Tuesday pondering, do any of you have blogs you follow and read up on regularly? I really enjoy reading blogs (Barney Stinson would be so happy). It is fun having little articles to read throughout the week.. I think I may have replaced my interest in magazines with blogs. I'd love to hear what blogs you usually follow!

I love to read all sorts of blogs, but I found myself spending too much time lately looking through fitness and weight-loss related blogs. I felt convicted of how I was using those spare moments throughout the day and how I could be feeding my soul, not just my mind.

With that in mind I'll share some of the lovely Christian bloggers I follow:

Some just for fun bloggers:

The Emmaus Hesitation (My hubby's blog! He is a wonderful writer- check him out!)
The Pioneer Woman (Ree is such a fantastic writer. Her website has tons of fabulous resources as well as lots of fun personal stories and pictures from her life. Her blog makes me want to move to the country and become a pioneer woman myself! If you haven't already, you should check out her books as well. She has several recipe books as well as a book about her love story with her husband. Can you tell I like this woman?)
Skinnytaste (I love Gina's recipes! She has so many delicious lightened versions of classic recipes)
Kevin & Amanda (They have great ideas related to crafts, cooking, photography, etc)

Now it is your turn! What do you like to read about?

Lots of love,
Laura xoxo

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