Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snow Day!

Remember how I said that we have been having some crazy weather lately? Well, our snow day was no exception. Snow had been forecast for the day, but in the south you never know what that will mean. As it turns out we really did get snow and quite a bit at that!

As Daniel and I parted ways after lunch it had begun to flurry. Many of the area schools were being let out and several of my coworkers had to leave to pick up their kids. Our office opted not to close when the snow started which turns out to have been a great decision.

Courtyard outside of our office

Snow, snow, snow!

 Evidently since everyone was leaving school/work at the same time the traffic was horrendous. Add to that the fact that no one really knows how to drive in the snow and we live in an incredibly hilly area and you've got your self a mess. Thankfully by the time the work day ended most of the snow had melted and the traffic was next to nothing since most of the area had gone home when the snow started. I followed the advice of some of my northern friends and drove carefully home. Here are some pictures of my view of the drive home (taken at stops):

Our apartment complex covered in snow!
Thankfully we made it around safely and were just able to enjoy the pretty snow. Most schools and businesses opened late the next morning since a lot of the hills had iced from the melted snow.

Nice little snow day surprise! Did any of you get caught in the snow this winter?

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